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Christine Grant

If you are looking for a top notch solar system you can't go past Brodie and the crew at Ecolution Industries. It may seem strange for a competitor to write a review (I work for a Melbourne based Solar installer) however Brodie is genuine, takes pride in his work and is always very willing to help out with advice. This is the stuff our industry should be built on! He is a wealth of knowledge and a highly respected installer.

Posted via Google on the 15th November, 2018

Paul Barnes

Brodie, Jai and the boys did an excellent job of working out the optimal position for our panels and happily worked through the challenges presented by a tile roofed residential installation. The boys were respectful and professional, Brodie was very thorough and we are getting the best possible power generation with our 5 Kw inverter and 24 panels. Highly recommend these guys.

Posted via Google on the 8th June, 2018

Cathy Edwards

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Ecolution Industry on a number of occasions, I have found all the technicians who came to my house be very helpful, pleasant , respectful of my property were very knowledgeable and efficient, you can't beat the price on offer whether its air-conditioning , solar or just electrical work, I would highly recommend this company for residential or commercial work .

Posted via Google on the 4th June, 2018


Ecolution was helpful and pleasant to deal with. Very accommodating during my search for the best system. In the end my choice of supplier was solely based on price.

Posted via Solar quotes on the 6th July, 2017


All of the team at Ecolution were friendly and easy to deal with. The quality of the installation is excellent. We are very happy with the performance of the system so far.

Posted via Solar quotes on the 2nd July, 2017


value 4/5, customer service 4/5 and installation 4/5. I as a layman am not in a position to rate the quality of the system. I did read and chose quality panels ( REC ) and a quality inverter ( Fronius )

Posted via Solar quotes on the 2nd July, 2017


The installers were qualified electricians not labourers. Their service leading up to me making the final decision to go ahead was they were completely open and willing to provide all requested information.

Posted via Solar quotes on the 22nd June, 2017


After doing loads of research on a solar system I decided to go with Ecolution Industries. I found Austin the sales person to be extremely helpful knowing he stuff, the installation went to plan all of my queries were sorted out there and then nothing was a problem. The REC panels and Fronius inverter I purchased is top notch gear so I'm very happy. I have recommended them to the neighbour and they have installed the largest system on their roof.

Posted via Solar quotes on the 14th June, 2017

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